Monday, November 8, 2010

Finding Haven

so I'm an aspiring young author. very young.
I'm 13.
I love to write. always have and always will. So recently I have been working on my very first novel. Whether or not it will get published someday or it will even get finished, I have no idea. I sure hope so, but I know that its a long shot, but I want to do this. Its just one of those things. so right now it is just a ton of scattered ideas, but ideas that I love none the less. right now it is titled "Finding Haven"
Here is the synopsis I wrote for it.

Imagine a world with no parents
No boring history classes
Free… everything
Sounds great right? Wrong.
Radiance is just another 15 year old girl living in an encampment in what is left of Washington D.C. after the second great depression and the spread of world wide disease, the earth’s population is down to just a couple thousand, and they all live in the eastern united states.
Radiance didn’t think anything of her and all of the other teenagers’ lives or experiments, radioactivity exposure, and the fences and guards that surround the encampment. Until she meets Blake, with his ideas of government scandal, ideas of them being behind 9/11… but what if those accusations in the past gave them just the idea they needed to start things over, to gain control.
Where were you on 9/11

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  1. Noelle! I totally love you.
    I hope you work hard on this book idea, it sounds amazing.
    I have loved writing since I can remember, and my biggest dream I have ever had is to be published...someday. I am still a ways off from that, but hey look, I am almost done with my first draft of my first novel. Crazy huh?